Understanding CashBack

CashBack Overview

CashBack replaces coupons with a variety of incentives that a shopper can redeem after they purchase. Ditching the one-size-fits-some model of discount codes, shoppers are empowered to pick what most motivates their purchase.

How Does CashBack Work? Easy as Ready-Set-Go! 

1. Ready your CashBack Offers

Whether it’s a promotion that applies to the entire site or an email marketing campaign, you decide what’s considered a qualifying purchase for CashBack. Set the amounts and timeline for how shoppers can earn CashBack at your store.

2. Set your CashBack Messaging

Keep 100% of your tools and forget about complex integrations – launch is as easy as changing “off” to “back” in your popup and adding the CashBack UTM to your landing page link.

3. Go Live!

Newly empowered shoppers finish your brand journey and are rewarded with the purchase incentive that meant the most to them. Keep them coming back for more by offering a bonus gift card CashBack that encourages instant reconversion or an instant virtual Visa.

CashBack Promotion Types

There are two types of CashBack promotions: Sitewide and URL-based. Not sure which is best for your business? No problem. We break it all down here.

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