Klaviyo | Adding CashBack to Cart Upon Pop Up Submission

Instead of waiting for shoppers to receive their CashBack promotion upon the arrival of an email or SMS, you can enable the CashBack to be added to their cart as soon as they sign up for your pop up.

In Klaviyo, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Signup Forms
  2. Locate your current form, click Edit Form
  3. Click the button within your form that submits the shopper's email address/phone number
  4. Under Submit Hidden Fields, click Add a property
  5. In the Profile Property field, create the following custom property: fondueCode
  6. In the Value field, enter the ending of your CashBack UTM that you'd like added to the shopper's cart. This can be found within the Promotions tab of your Brand Admin and will be the snippet that follows ?cashback= (ex: your UTM is ?cashback=welcome20--enter welcome20 in the Value field)
  7. Click Publish Changes
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