Why is a CashBack suspended?

CashBacks can be suspended for a number of reasons. Here are the most common ones: 


If a shopper receives any sort of refund (full or partial), the CashBack will automatically be suspended. This includes if you credit a shopper for a delayed or damaged product. The reason this occurs is to protect you as a brand: if our system recognizes an update to the original order, we will suspend the CashBack so a shopper doesn't receive it. 

Coupon Codes

If a shopper checks out with CashBack and a coupon code in their cart, our system will automatically suspend the CashBack so the shopper doesn't have two promotions applied to their order. Want to allow shoppers to use a coupon code and CashBack on a single order? Email us at brands@getfondue.com and we can turn this feature on!

Non-USD Orders

Currently, we only support orders placed in USD. Since we can't issue CashBack on non-USD orders, these CashBacks will be suspended. 

Failed Shopper Screening

This isn't common, but sometimes can happen. As an issuer of Visa cards, we must ensure funds are not issued to any individuals on a US government blacklist for the purpose(s) of terrorism financing and/or money laundering. See more here.  

If at any time you'd like a CashBack to be unsuspended, reach out to brands@getfondue.com with the shopper's email address and order number and we can get the CashBack unsuspended for you! This will soon be a self-service feature within your Brand Admin. 

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