Why are shoppers screened before issuing a Visa prepaid card?

In accordance and alignment with US regulations, all shoppers who select a Visa prepaid card are automatically screened via a third party service provider. This process is to ensure funds are not issued to any individuals on a US government blacklist for the purpose(s) of terrorism financing and/or money laundering. Our screening process is totally transparent on the shopper’s end unless their screening fails. When these situations arise, here’s what we do to have your back:

What do we screen?

  • First name
  • Last name
  • DOB
  • Country

What happens after a screening fails?

  1. Our system will prevent the creation of a Visa prepaid card.
  2. The shopper will receive an email notifying them their CashBack cannot be created and will be prompted to reach out to our team if they believe this is in error. From there, our team will be happy to resolve with the shopper. 

How can I tell if a shopper's CashBack has been denied due to a screening?

Within the shopper’s order, you’ll see a notification stating CashBack was suspended for this order due to shopper screening failure.

What do I do if a shopper’s CashBack has been denied due to a failed screening?

Should a shopper’s screening fail, there is no action necessary on your end. However, if a shopper reaches out to you regarding a failed screening, please refrain from telling them the reason the CashBack failed and direct them to reach out to us at support@getfondue.com

My shopper’s screening failed. Should I be concerned? 

Not necessarily! Sometimes, a false positive can occur. We’ll be more than happy to further investigate for you should a shopper’s screening fail. Should we encounter a legitimate failed screening, we will take necessary action to ensure all parties are covered. 

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