Setting Your Mini Cart Widget

What’s a mini cart widget?

Fondue’s Mini Cart Widget is a comprehensive introduction to CashBack. It explains what CashBack is, how shoppers can redeem and use, the amount of CashBack a shopper will receive based on the value of the content in their cart, and lists the CashBack eligibility of products within their cart. 

Why is it important?

The cart widget serves as a reminder of the value of the promotion you’re offering the shopper. As they add products to their cart, they’ll see the CashBack value rise, affirming their decision to shop, and shop more, with you. 

Setting the widget within your mini cart

There are two options on how you can place your mini cart widget:

1. Manual Placement

Code Snippet means you can add our widget anywhere–in the cart, mini cart, on product pages, your grandmother’s house–you name it! We’ll provide you with the widget script that you can place into the Shopify Liquid files in your theme’s edit code section. To locate the script, follow these steps:

  1. In your Brand Admin, go to Store Appearance > Mini Cart Widget > Manual > Code Snippet
  2. Copy the Contained Widget Script 

When you are editing a liquid file, use the code snippet displayed in the For theme parts that support Liquid box.

When you are editing a non-liquid file, use the code snippet displayed in the For theme parts that don’t support Liquid box.

2. Rebuy Integration

If your store uses a Rebuy cart, we have a native integration. You can enable the widget directly in the Rebuy app in just a couple of minutes! Here’s how you can enable this. 

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