Fondue Fulfillment Service

What is the Fondue Fulfillment Service?

When a shopper places an order with the CashBack promotion, it is represented as a digital product within their cart. There isn’t a physical product to provide for the CashBack promotion, so it won’t be fulfilled the same way a traditional product would be. Unless you manage these digital products manually, the digital products might cause a discrepancy in the fulfillment status of an order.

In order to remove the overhead of managing our digital products in addition to the regular products within the order, we’re created a custom fulfillment service. This allows us to manage CashBack products automatically according to the order’s status. If an order is awaiting fulfillment, the CashBack will not yet be fulfilled. When the physical product(s) within the order have been fulfilled, the CashBack will automatically fulfill as well. 

Why is there a Fondue Fulfillment Service?

The digital CashBack products are "stocked" at this fulfillment center. By having a separate fulfillment center, this enables us to auto-fulfill the CashBack product as soon as one other product from the order is fulfilled. This ensures your Shopify fulfillment status stays consistent.

How does it work?

When turned on, the digital CashBack products will be auto-fulfilled once a physical product from the order is fulfilled. This means you don’t need to worry about fulfilling these digital products on your end.

Sometimes the custom fulfillment center needs to be turned off due to 3PL systems not knowing how to handle split physical and digital product orders. When turned off, the custom fulfillment center will be removed from your site, and all existing CashBack products will automatically fall back to your default fulfillment center. 

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