Why does a shopper need to enter their birthdate on the redemption form?

There's two reasons a shopper needs to enter their birthdate: 

  1. We can't issue CashBack to minors, so this ensures the person completing the form is above the age of 18.
  2. As an issuer of virtual Visas, in accordance with all necessary regulations, we screen all shoppers who select this method. This is to ensure funds are not issued to any individuals on a US government blacklist for the purpose(s) of terrorism financing and/or money laundering. See more here. 

CS Macro: The reason a date of birth has to be provided is to ensure we are not issuing CashBack to minors. If a date of birth is entered that our system flags as below the age of 18, we cannot issue the CashBack. This information stays completely confidential and not stored within our system.

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