Setting your CashBack Bubble

What’s a CashBack Bubble? 

Fondue’s CashBack Bubble is a comprehensive introduction to CashBack. Tested and proved to increase conversion, it explains what CashBack is, how shoppers can redeem and use, the amount of CashBack a shopper will receive based on the value of the content in their cart, and lists the CashBack eligibility of products within their cart. 

The bubble dynamically updates as the shopper adds products to cart and is consistent throughout the shopper’s purchase flow until they go to checkout. (Curious about what a shopper sees at checkout? Take a look here!)

Why is it important?

Meets compliance requirements

The CashBack Bubble meets all necessary compliance requirements in order to utilize CashBack on your site. If you choose not to use the bubble, the following compliance requirements must be met: 

  • Details on how shopper can redeem CashBack
  • Dollar amount of CashBack shopper will receive upon purchase
  • CashBack-eligible products in shopper’s cart
  • CashBack terms & conditions (read more here)

Improves CVR

Through several iterations of testing on various stores, we’ve consistently seen a significant uplift in sales when the bubble is present.

Provides information and indication of CashBack

The CashBack Bubble gives shoppers access to all necessary CashBack information and serves as a consistent reminder of the value of the promotion you’re offering the shopper. As they add products to their cart, they’ll see the CashBack value rise, affirming their decision to shop, and shop more, with you. 

Setting your CashBack Bubble

By default, the CashBack Bubble will be enabled within your Brand Admin. This can be easily turned on or off in the Appearance tab. Here’s how: 

Can the CashBack Bubble be edited?

Currently, the bubble can be moved to two different positions. We're continuing to make this more customizable—stay tuned!

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