Understanding Your CashBack Holding Period

What is a CashBack holding period?

The CashBack holding period is the time between the shoppers’ purchase with CashBack and the CashBack activating.

How does the holding period work?

After a shopper makes a CashBack-eligible purchase, a countdown will start on their tracking page to reflect the amount of time left in the holding period. Once the countdown is over, their CashBack method details appear on the tracking page. If a shopper receives a refund during the holding period, they become ineligible for CashBack, and it will be suspended.

Why is there a holding period?

To protect you! By setting a holding period, the shopper cannot make a purchase with CashBack, receive a refund, and still use the CashBack.

CS Macro: We trust you, but to ensure that fraudsters don't take advantage of the CashBack system, there is often a holding period that corresponds with our return and refund window. Our holding period is (enter days). Once this has passed, you will be able to use your CashBack!

What should my CashBack holding period be set to?

We highly recommend aligning your holding period with your refund policy. That way, if a shopper is refunded within the window, it will automatically suspend their CashBack.

How can I update my CashBack holding period?

  1. Click Settings
  2. Go to CashBack Settings > Holding Period (Days)
  3. Enter a value from 15-60
  4. Click Save
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