What's the difference between Sitewide and URL-Based CashBack?

To understand the difference between Sitewide and URL-based CashBack, let’s first break down what each promotion type means, and how it functions. 

Sitewide CashBack

Sitewide CashBack is a promotion added to every shopper’s cart that visits your site. For a shopper to redeem this promotion, they simply enter your URL and the CashBack will be waiting in their cart. If you want CashBack to be added to all orders placed, we recommend Sitewide CashBack. It’s important to keep in mind that only one Sitewide promotion can be active at a time. 

URL-Based CashBack

URL-based CashBack is a promotion that adds CashBack to the specific URLs you choose. This is done through a UTM code that can be added to any URL that routes to your site, including pop ups or email flows that direct shoppers to purchase. You can have multiple URL-based promotions live at once, so if you want to offer returning customers versus new customers different CashBack promotions, you can do so.

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